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With a few hand-picked workers to serve selected clientele, Insular slowly grew to become one of the major supplier of cane & wood furniture to prestigious companies abroad.

Its growth can be attributed to various aspects to which the firm was built. Its excellence in management and manufacturing can only be surpassed by its own commitment to serve with strict quality and prompt deliveries.

Contract-jobs and custom-made furniture are some of our specialties, thus enabling us to continually expand our horizon to serve more clientele.

Our talented workers - the Cebuanos, whose fathers before them have long been artisans of this craft, have the uncanny ability to adopt changes in manufacturing systems and techniques compelling them to modify artifice of their own. Expertise on their craft is not only limited to cane and wicker but also to wood reproductions, wrought iron, or a combination of two or more media.

Insular can produce various types of furniture styles from simple to multifarious designs, whether it has originated from 14th century Reinaissance, graceful Baroque, whimsical Rococo, and multi-classic or contemporary and modern designs.

Because of the skillful artisans, the techniques established in the factory has become eclectic, that they can actually manufacture any design almost without difficulty. Explicit attention to detail has contributed to our reputation as a producer of fine furniture, thereby redefining quality at its utmost. The wood grains, weaving lines, contours of a leg, lone carving, or a simple finial, are accents which Insular could never overlook. The unfathomable pride of our product can only be matched with our eccentricity to details, as well as management's willingness to discover new concepts.


USA, Astralia, Asia, Europe, Middle East

Sixty(60) days upon receipt of Letter of Credit


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